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Truro School Squash Team vs  Exeter and Millfield
On: Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018
Venue: Away

Truro School beat Exeter 114 to 111

Truro School beat Milfield 146 to 134

Truro School won the group!

Squash- National Schools Champs stage 1 U16

The first group phase of the National Schools championships saw Truro

drawn against Exeter and Millfield at the excellent Exeter golf and country

club on October 17th.

Squash at Truro school has come a long way since the SBA sports facility

was opened in 2013 and our 5 year plan is now really coming into fruition.

Travelling up the A30 for the matches were Louis Murray, Jack Mahon, Ben

Thorpe, Joe Thompson, Ollie Beaumont and Milo Charles. On first alert and

valued members of the squad were also George Purchas and Jason Ayliffe who

did not make the trip this time but will be closely involved as the season


Our first match was against Exeter and necessitated getting accustomed and

adapting to the new ES method of “every point counts” scoring over 3 games

per match. In the event we won 4 of the 5 strings including debutant Joe

Thompson, who is only in year 2, and ran out winners 141 / 111 which is a

solid margin of victory.

We then played our second match back to back against the fresh legs of

Millfield who arrived late, and our efforts were perhaps even more impressive

as we toppled them 146 / 113 with the match of the day belonging to Ollie

Beaumont who went to tie break in every single game of his encounter.

I must also add that at string 1 and string 2 Louis and Jack were as

professional as ever and at no3 Ben was absolutely solid too.

This meant that after some frantic calculations before we left, the other schools

were unable to overhaul our total and we progress to the next elimination

round in the New Year as group champions before the grand finals scheduled for

late March.

Tim Smith Head of Squash